Parents Preferred is a unique child care environment where we not only care about safety of children but we strive to make their environment as Healthy as possible.  During remodeling, of the building, we added rubber floor molding, Organic cotton curtains, No VOC paints, wood panels on the wall, finger guards on doors, cleaned all the air ducts, and use only chemical free laundry soap on baby sheets.  Hydrogen peroxide is used for disinfecting instead of chlorine bleach.

     While we were shut down for a few weeks we were able to add more health features to our building. We installed a new HVAC system with whole building Air Purification to help reduce odors and prevent germs from spreading thru the building. 

Our Solid Wood Security Door ensures no one has access to children that is not previously approved upon enrollment of children. This door is locked at all times when children are in the building.  You must now ring the doorbell, outside to gain access to the building so health checks can be performed for safety. 


We offer Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack to all children, included in your tuition price.  Meals are always low fat, low salt, and low sugar.  We try to make food fun for the children as well as nutritious. Sugary treats are available only to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or special occasions.  We also try to accommodate special diets and offer lactose free milk when needed. 

About the Owner

Donna Aupperle has a passion for children and families that began when Donna operated a licensed home daycare business at her home. As Donna’s children grew she was responsible for the formation of a church run after-school child care program which she directed for the first year while the program got established in the community. Donna was also the founder of a non-profit organization designed to build and strengthen families called Families Forward of Central New York. Donna is a Christian and places her trust and faith in Jesus Christ.  Donna possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Children and Families: Program Development and Management. 

Research indicates children receive the greatest developmental benefits from attending centers which offer a variety of activities addressing emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development. Ours is a planned but flexible program that allows children to make decisions about their activities and fosters independence and creative expression. We recently updated our curriculum to offer the best learning environment possible.

Our highly trained teachers use Positive Discipline that teaches children what they should do, not what they shouldn't do and builds self-esteem as they learn about making good choices.


Parents Preferred is a fully licensed child care program serving children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

Hours of Operation